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Here is where you will find information and links to all kinds of social media by and for the blind and visually impaired community.  You can find support, advice, inspiration and solace knowing you are not the only one and maybe even discover inspiration  to create your own contentment, strength, a new hobby, ways to improve your life, or even support others by seeing how others do it.  Please support these individuals in their endeavors.  We are all in this together.  It doesn't even cost you anything:  like, subscribe, share, respond, comment, and show them they are doing a great job.  

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

These social media sites have their own unique functions  and formats.  Most companies use social media to advertise or share pertinent information in real time. For purposes of reading information on my favorite topics, I personally use Facebook the most, primarily because I have the most experience with it.  I find Facebook provides a great platform for users to interact with different groups and pages for every possible interest.  

Some of the vision-related groups I follow and that are out there are:

  • Finding My Vision (of course)
  • Macular Degeneration Support and Solutions (I crested this group a few years ago)
  • Embracing Sight Loss and Chronic Illness
  • Service Dog Training and Support
  • Visually Impaired Pals
  • Stargardts-Macular Degeneration support
  • Stargardt's Support Group
  • Vision Warriors Vision Walk
  • Macular Degeneration International Support
  • Stargardt's Awareness Group
  • Accessible Games for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Foundation Fighting Blindness
  • The Blind Coffee Group

These are just a sampling of what you can find on Facebook. Want to share you r favorites?  Share in the comments on my Facebook page here.


Many blind and visually impaired artists, musicians, and others may not have websites, but they share their inspirations on Facebook and Instagram.  some of my favorites are:

Arnold Plasencia

A wonderful and talented artist with Stargardt's Disease who has learned to cope with his diagnosis through his art.  Facebook  Instagram


Visually impaired artist Maegan Garrett  

 Instagram  Website

John Bramblitt

Blind artist, speaker, author.   Facebook    Instagram   Website:

    There are so many more that I will be adding.

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These podcasts can be found on your favorite podcast platform.  New to podcasts?  They are audio recordings for anything and everything you can imagine.  All the platforms have a free version and these are perfect for the BVI community.  Whether you like news, true crime, mysteries, interviews, stories, or anything else, you can find in in a podcast.  The apps are found in the app store  on any of your devices that have an internes connection.

Be My Eyes 

"Interviews with the world's most interesting, passionate people from the blind and low vision community – about living blind in a sighted world."

13 Letters is another podcast by Be My Eyes which interviews tech designers, ADA, and design from industry professionals.

Be My Eyes is also a downloadable app that connects the user to a volunteer sighted person who uses your camera to help you "see" what you need help with.  This can be for anything you need hwlp with; reading street signs, buttons, labels, etc.  

Bold Artist Podcast

Hosted by the Bold School (on demand art classes and mentorship)  "An audio program for bold artists! Created to inspire, educate and bring courage to the listeners." They have episodes interviewing blind artist john Bramblitt (Episode 24) and Arnold Plasencia (Episode 29).  Both are inspirations to blind and visually impaired artists of all ages and abilities.

For more information or the school and its art classes, click here.

Four Bad Eyes

By Anthony Ferraro and blind skater Dan Mancina both visually impaired talk about visually impaired life, inspiration, living life blind, how they do what they do and "explore what it's like to be blind in today's world."

Hosts a podcast where they ask the experts on all topics concerning the blind and visually impaired.  "Listen in as we get the inside scoop from experts on a wide range of topics unique to vision loss. We will ask the questions that get to the heart of the matter for you... And have some fun along the way."  

Life After Sight Loss Radio

Host Derek Daniel and his wife talks bout all things for VIP's (Visually Impaired Persons) and their sighted Supporters.  Everything from performing tasks, technology, mental health, and more.  This podcast is also available in video format on YouTube.

No Barriers Podcast

This podcast explores "the gritty reality of the struggles we all face, with the detailed stories of those that have persevered to find amazing outcomes on the other side. Hosted by No Barriers Co-founders Erik Weihenmayer & Dave Shurna along with longtime No Barriers partner Jeff Evans. Together, they talk with individuals who are defying all odds in the pursuit of learning to live a No Barriers Life."

That Blind Tech Show 

The title says it all.  The team chats about different tech and how to use it.

Valley Center for the Blind

"The Valley Center for the Blind's VCB Podcast is hosted by our very own Jason Smith and Reynaldo Villarreal. Jason is a client and works in one of our call centers, and Rey is an assistive technology instructor and former client. We will discuss all things VCB, life with vision loss, and many more topics. It's up to you! Let us know what else you'd like for us to discuss by emailing

To learn more about the Valley Center for the Blind, click here for a link to their website.

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The Blind Life

Sam Seavey has created a multitude of videos covering topics related to living as a visually impaired person.  He has Stargardt's Disease and his motto is to "live your best life."  He also has a website:  He is very inspiring and informative!

Muriel Smith

is a writer and has AMD.  She writes a blog on various topics, including issues related to AMD. 

Two Blind Brothers 

A business founded by two brothers who have Stargardt's Disease.  They used their experiences to create a business that not only donates to find a cure for blindness, but they employ the blind and visually impaired.  They specialize in soft, comfortable apparel, sunglasses and their new "my service dog" stuffed dogs.  They also have a "shop blind" feature where you pock the price point and they send you an item that you are "blind" to until you open the package.  Click here to go to their site.

Veroniiiica with four eyes

"Veronica With Four Eyes is a free resource created by Veronica Lewis for low vision and assistive technology, dedicated to sharing practical and positive blog posts about how to live with vision loss, tips for transition and going to college with a disability, and how to use assistive technology for anything and everything."

This is a great resource for many different activities, hobbies, and a great inspiration for children, teens, and young adults and their support teams.  she has over 600 posts, so I'm sure there are several topics that can help everyone.  Additional topics include art and music, all things college, travel, and much, much more.

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Anthony Ferraro @asfvision

Anthony is hilarious.  The epidemy of living life to the fullest despite having a visual impairment.  He also has a feature length documentary.

"Blind, parajudo, paraskate, musician, motivational speaker, podcaster,  music."

"The only disability is a bad attitude.” 

click here for his YouTube channel and more information on all of his projects.

To learn more about Anthony Ferraro and the team at ASFVISION check out​ or​ or

The Blind Life

Sam Seavey has created a multitude of videos covering topics related to living as a visually impaired person.  He has Stargardt's Disease and his motto is to live your best life.  He also has a website:  He is very inspiring and informative!

Click here for a direct link to his YouTube channel.

Can See Can't See

Videos with a sense of humor.  Her videos start with, "I'm blind and this is how I do things."  She demonstrates various tasks and how she has adapted to doing them.

Click here to go to her YouTube page.


"Losing my eyesight to #Stargardts disease, living my best life anyway  - raising awareness ♥️ My life with progressive sight loss x

Click here to link to her YouTube page.

Life After Sight Loss

Derek posts videos about all things for VIP's (Visually Impaired Persons).  Everything from performing tasks, technology, mental health, and more.  He also includes videos of his podcasts.

Click here for a direct link to his YouTube channel.

Legally Blind 

Various topics discussing living legally blind, product reviews, adaptive living, and more.  She has a wonderful vision simulation that I love because it captures the essence or what I see and experience with Stargardt's disease.

Click here for link to her videos on YouTube.

Sadie the Blind lady

As self described:  "Legally Blind Content creator! How blind? VERY blind, but not total. Subscribe to see a variety of short videos about my life as a blind lady! Your support means a LOT!"

Click here for a link to the YouTube page.

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