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Welcome to Finding My Vision!

Finding Your Vision as I am Finding My Vision

Receiving a diagnosis that you have an eye disease that could result in partial or total vision loss is a terrifying thing. The doctor ask you if you have any questions, and you say, "no." He hands you a referral to a specialist and you go home. It's not until then that the deluge of questions explode into your head. The answer to the biggest one, "What do I do now," is where Finding My Vision hopes to help.  

After receiving this overwhelming diagnosis, you grab your favorite device to look up everything there is to know about your diagnosis. Staring at the blinking cursor waiting to be told what to search for., you realize, "I have a million questions, what do I ask first?"  

Finding My Vision aims to simplify your life by searching the Web and bringing all of that vast information into one location, doing the first step of research for you, to provide you with the links to the resources you need and want.

Life is hard. No matter who you are. We all struggle with our identities, relationships, careers, money, and everything we do. As a person who is blind or visually impaired, life has many more challenges. An eye disease diagnosis with the potential of pending vision loss could be one of the biggest challenges you may face. You may be facing a life-altering diagnosis.

One of the biggest challenges facing a person who is blind or visually impaired is the thought of losing our independence.  We all cherish independence, and the thought of losing it can raise a host of emotions; terror, grief, sadness, etc. This is completely understandable and quite normal. Not being able to do something on your own because of an illness or disease, especially as an adult, can lead to anxiety, depression, loss of self-worth, loss of self-esteem, and feelings of isolation and failure.

I have created this site to try to help you find some answers, inspiration, hope, strength, and maybe even regain some of your independence by providing:

  • resources 
  • accessibility information
  • support 
  • life hacks 
  • mindful activities
  • educational and career opportunities
  • examples of inspirational individuals who have learned to thrive with sight loss
  • some inspiration on those days when you need it
  • connections to others just like you (yes, there are many of us out there who are happy to help)

     And as much information and links to resources to help make your life a little better. 


Eye Diseases and Conditions

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Newly diagnosed?

Finding My Vision provides links to information about eye diseases.  These are expert medical sources, such as the National Eye Institute, which is part of the CDC, and the Foundation Fighting Blindness that explain the disease or condition, including definitions, symptoms, treatment(s), and where to go from here.

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Online Resources

Blue square with the word "tab" in black print and braille.

 Where do I go from here?  The next step:

Once you know what you are dealing with, Finding My Vision finds online help, support, and more in this very scary and daunting time. Find links to international and national organizations, your state's agency for the blind and visually impaired, private and non-profit groups, resources, research, clinical trials, treatments, and more.

Looking for an eye doctor? Click here for a great article from the Atlantic Eye Institute foe their article "Tips for Choosing an ophthalmologist."

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Mental Health and Self Care

blue square with the words "self care" in black print and braille

Self care is health care!

The most important thing is to love and believe in yourself, which can be the most difficult thing to do. Finding My Vision cares about you. Mental Health is still a stigma, but it's getting easier to find help and support. Everyone needs support every now and then, especially when you have a life-changing disability. Here are some ways to help you through your tough days or when you just need a little positivity and inspiration in your life.

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Aids For Accessibility

Blue square with the word "aids" in black print and braille

There is a lot out there to help you!

Finding My Vision finds information about low-tech assistive devices, aids, printable downloads, product reviews, and other items to make your life easier.

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Blue square tab with the word "technologyP in black print and braille

Technology is your friend!

Adaptive technology, software, Google Chrome extensions, shortcut keys, apps, reviews, and all things technology.  It's all out there and Finding My Vision will try to find it.

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Daily Life Activities

Blue square tab with the word "activities:  in black print and braille

"Daily" does not mean "ordinary"!

You can do it, you may just have to find a different way to do it. Daily living, sports, reading, art, and more. Tips, tricks, instructions, educational resources, access to books, travel, discounts, workshops, and more to make your life easier, improve your quality and outlook on life higher, and keep your mind nimble!

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Connect With Others

Blue square tab with the word "connect" in black print and braille

You are not alone!

Links to blogs, Facebook groups, Instagram, YouTube, podcasts, and other websites by and for the blind and visually impaired. A way to support yourself and others through talk, asking and answering questions, sharing experiences, encouraging their passions, and maybe even purchasing products to support a blind or visually impaired artist. Also, an option to submit your personal social media for consideration to be added. 

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