Technology for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Technology has been a blessing for the blind and visually impaired.  As soon as the Internet was created, it allowed us to go where we couldn't go before.  Since I can't drive, it has made shopping much easier.  Computer accessibility is made easier every day with the help of features such as magnification, custom colors, high contrast, and text-to-speech.  Some features work better than others, depending on your current visual needs.

I recommend trying free applications and software before investing in some of the more expensive ones.  Also, make sure to check with your local government and nonprofit agencies; they may be able to provide you with devices, computers, software, etc., depending on your needs. 

If you are thinking of going to college, taking courses, finding or changing jobs, they can usually help.  Some of these agencies are located on my online resources page.


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Mobile Phone App for Android and/or iPhone

Discover a new app! Here I review and explain the different apps available for your devices which will help make your life easier.

Software specifically for the Blind and Visually Impaired

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There is screen reader software available which allows you to have your screen enlarged, read to you, colors customized, and much more.  

Technology Reviews

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Video reviews of various technology and devices for the blind and visually impaired.

Windows shortcut keys

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If I knew then what I know now...I used to not use shortcut keys. I figured they would take too long to learn for what I needed to do.  After taking a typing course this past year (which I HIGHLY recommend) I now love using shortcut keys. 

I was trained as a scopist (which, in short, is editing legal documents), which I am now doing full time (along with this website).  Fast typing is the key to making the most money since I am paid by the page.  

Shortcut kays allow the user in almost any program to perform a function ithout searching on a menu.  

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