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 Online Resources for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Which online resources should I read first?

 Whether you are newly diagnosed or have "been around the block," this is where you will find the information and links to vital information, international, national, state, private, non-profit, educational, vocational, and other agencies.

Newly Diagnosed? 

Go here for where to find general information and first steps. Information on eye diseases

  1. Foundation Fighting Blindness
  2. World Health Organization

Other National /International Organizations

  1. American Council for the Blind
  2. American Foundation for the Blind
  3. Guide Dogs for the Blind
  4. Hadley
  5. Hellen Keller International
  6. National Federation for the Blind
  7. The Library of Congress

Resources by state

Find local resources specific you your state.

Newly Diagnosed?   Information on Eye Diseases

According to the World Health Organization:

  • The leading causes of vision impairment and blindness are uncorrected refractive errors and cataracts.
  • The majority of people with vision impairment and blindness are over the age of 50 years; however, vision loss can affect people of all ages.
  • Vision impairment poses an enormous global financial burden with the annual global costs of productivity losses associated with vision impairment from uncorrected myopia and presbyopia alone estimated to be US $ 244 billion and US $ 25.4 billion. (

The Foundation Fighting Blindness

A great starting point. The Foundation covers a large amount of information, including stories and resources, retinal education, genetic testing, research, local chapters, fundraising for research, and more. They are "the world's leading private source for inherited retinal disease research funding." They have a video series on eye diseases, and have information on genetic testing , clinical trials , research , resources, and more.

The diseases they cover are:

Achromatopsia , Bardet-Biedl Syndrome , Best Disease , Choroideremia , Leber Congenital Amaurosis , macular degeneration , retinitis pigmentosa , Refsum disease , Stargardt disease , Usher syndrome , X-Linked retinoschisis (XLRS) , and a few more rare conditions .

Other National Organizations

American Council for the Blind

The mission of the American Council for the Blind is "To increase the independence, security, equality of opportunity, and quality of life for all blind and visually impaired people. They have a large collection of resources and information covering advocacy and governmental affairs, music , outdoor and other activities, scholarships , news, community events , publications and much more.  They have chapters in every state,

scroll down to your state below to find your local chapter or locate it on their national website.

Regional Offices:

225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 660
Alexandria, VA 22314
202-467-5081 / 800-424-8666
Fax:  703-465-5085

6200 Shingle Creek Parkway, Suite 155
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430-2132
612-332-3242 / 800-866-3242
Fax: 763-432-7562

American Foundation for the Blind

How AFB Changes Lives (from their website) 

AFB Headquarter Office:

American Foundation for the Blind
1101 Wilson Blvd, 6th Floor
Arlington, VA 22209

See your state below for your local chapter.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

At Guide Dogs for the Blind, we have three core client programs: 

  • Guide Dog Program: matching people with highly-trained guide dogs.
  • Orientation & Mobility Immersion Program: teaching orientation and mobility tactics for safe, independent travel, including the skills that are most relevant to guide dog mobility.

K9 Buddy Program: matching both children and adults with specially selected dogs to be their pets and companions.

We also have a lineup of informational events (both in person and virtual) for people interested in learning more about our programs and the guide dog lifestyle, as well as comprehensive programs for youth and young adults. 

All of our services are provided free of charge, and we serve people from throughout the United States and Canada. 

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 151200
San Rafael, CA 94915



Hadley's mission is "to create personalized learning opportunities that empower adults with vision loss or blindness to thrive - at home, at work, and in their communities." They have many free workshops, podcasts, and information to make your low vision life better. Everything from daily living , to technology , working , Braille , and recreation .  

700 Elm Street
Winnetka, IL 60093

Hellen Keller Institute

Their vision is  "A world where no one is deprived of the opportunity to live a healthy life – and reach their true potential."  They provide knowledgeable articles on a variety of subjects; nutrition, international resources, and prevention of blindness.

Regional Office:

180 Livingston Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201


National Federation of the Blind

The NFB provides a variety of programs and resources including training and education, advocacy and outreach, technology and products.  legal programs, scholarships, braille certification, safety and support, employment and career mentoring, and so much more.  They have affiliate chapters in every state so they offer very specialized services.

National Headquarters:

200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Phone (410) 659-9314          


See below  to find your state's affiliate.

The Library of Congress' National Library Services for the Blind

The Library of Congress' National Library Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired  and your local libraries are great resources for accessing printed media.  NLS is a free braille and talking book library service for people with temporary or permanent low vision, blindness, or a physical or perceptual disability that prevents them from reading or holding the printed page. Click here for more information and how to apply. Explore your local library's website to find out what free services are available. Most of the time, all you need is your library card sign up for services.

Mailing Address:
The National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20542-4962

Street Address:
1291 Taylor Street, NW
Washington, DC 20542

(202)707-5100    Toll-free: (800) 424-8567

Go to your state below to find local recources.

Resources by State

There are many agencies and organizations that are specific to your state that provide individualized services. Click on your state to find the resources close to you.      
























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