Gift Ideas for the Blind and Visually Impaired

There are many different venders where you can buy gifts for the blind and visually impaired.  These do not have to be practical, there are many fun items you can give your loved one.  When choosing a gift, think about getting them an activity you can do together. Doing this will be a year-long gift for your loved one.  Most importantly, think of the needs of your loved one.  It is not important to spend a lot of money on them, they are more interested in you showing your love and desire to spend time with them.

Handmade Gifts made for and by the Blind and Visually Impaired

I whole-heartedly support artists who make items by themselves.  My daughter is a BFA Painting art student and produces beautiful artwork and jewelry.  Some of her art is inspired and created with my visual impairment in mind.  She choses subject matter, colors, and style to make sure I am able to see it genuinely. You can see some of her work here

One way you can give your loved one a wonderful gift is to purchase one from a blind or visually impaired artist or one that supports the blind and visually impaired.  Here is a small sample of such vendors on Etsy. 

  • Through Borrowed EyesHandmade personalized Braille jewelry by a visually impaired artist and educator .
  • Beadtography: Original braille Art photography and beaded jewelry.
  • HALO System:  Home Appliance Label and Overlay System (HALOS) a spin on the traditional bump dots designed specifically for home appliances.

These are just  a sampling of what is available.  the search bar is your friend.  If you can't find it on Etsy, try just a Google search for "blind artists," for example.

Other great places to support:

  • The Blind Life has an Amazon shop with many great products.  I fully support his shop and YouTube channel.  He provides many great videos on living blindly.  YouTubeAmazon shop.
  • Two Blind Brothers:  A line of clothing that supports research and employs the blind and visually impaired.  They also have a line of sunglasses and sruffed guide dogs.  They encourage you to "shop blind."

Gifts that you can use with your loved one

One of the best gifts you can give is your time.  Here are some ideas of items you can give that you can use with your blind or visually impaired loved one:

  • Playing Cards - many available in large print and in Braille.
  • Books - a favorite story you can read to them
  • Beeping balls:  soccer, football, tennis, basketball, baseball, any sport you can think of, there is probably a ball that has been adapted.  Just think how excited your blind or visually impaired child would be when you give them a ball that they can play with you or other children.
  • Board games - many available in adaptive format. (also see my article on activities)
  • Gift card to a restaurant, spa, etc., you will take them out to
  • Homemade coupon book for things they can ask you to do for them (chores, outings, grocery shopping, etc.)
  • Roller Blades and skateboards:  What kid doesn’t want to do these activities.   The Blind Life has a video showing how this is possible.    The Omnisense cane tip is found at the Low Vision Shop.  Info on the Omni Sense technology here
  • Skis and Snowboards:  Many ski resorts provide lessons for the blind and visually impaired.  For example, the Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports provides programming all over the state.  Just contact your favorite resort or look up adaptive snow sports in your state or region.

As you can see, the sky's the limit.  Bringing back an activity that  blind or visually impaired feels they have lost will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Other great gift ideas

Anything soft or tactile

Braille, large print, audio books

Braille, talking watches or clocks

Music CDs or a streaming music service subscription

Coloring books not just for kids.  Available in raised line, and large print 

Links to vendors

  • Sharper Image Coupon Code:  SM1GEAB333 discount at checkout.   Has different types of magnifiers 


If you really don't know  what to give, then donate to an organization that funds research or supports the disease that afflicts your blind or visually impaired loved one. Many local agencies also need donations of time and money.  Sone examples are:

Foundation Fighting Blindness

American Council of the Blind

National Federation of the Blind

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